Young Roma Leaders Participate in Fourth Training Program (2008)

The Regional Centre for Minorities, in cooperation with the Swedish Helsinki Committee, organized the fourth training for Young Roma Leaders in Budva on March 28th-29th, 2008.

The aim of this project was to provide advanced training on Human Rights and advocacy to young Roma leaders, who will return to their local communities. Drawing on their training, the Roma leaders will serve as important sources for the development and concrete civic work of their community, thereby contributing to the building of democracy.

As of March 2008, three such trainings had been conducted: two by the Swedish Helsinki Committee, and the third by the Regional Centre for Minorities, with the financial support of the Swedish Helsinki Committee. The fourth training program continued the education of the group of twenty young Roma who had participated in the previous three trainings, all focused on Human Rights issues, as well as on specific problems and needs relevant to their countries. The main topic of the fourth training program was the Participation of Roma in Public and Political Life. One lecture discussed „ Levels of Marginalisation: Human Rights, systemic and societal preconditions for the participation of minorities in decision making.“