London, June 12, 2012 - Ignored, yet maligned, numerous, but powerless, the Roma minority live on the edge of society, making their living from other people’s waste. The ghosts of the Serbian capital have been moved from the banks of the Sava river, not far from the luxury hotel area of New Belgrade, to ‘construction containers’ on the outskirts. They soon may disappear altogether

Brno, June 07, 2012 - Although the proportion of Romany people in the Czech Republic ranges from 1.4 – 2.8 % of the total number of inhabitants, 32 % of pupils in practical elementary schools are Romany children. This figure is based on a survey carried out by the Public Defender of Rights in 67 randomly selected practical elementary schools in all the regions of the Czech Republic.

June 07, 2012 - In the past several years, more and more people have been forced to use desperate means of survival, such as begging, living in slums or going through rubbish bins looking for food or items they can recycle or sell. But now, people who resort to these survival tactics face punishment and arrest, say Freek Spinnewijn and Marc Uhry.

April 05, 2012 - International Roma Day (April 8) is a chance to celebrate Romani culture but also to highlight the persecution and discrimination that Roma people face in all areas of life.

Belgrade, March 01, 2012 - Thirty-three Roma families, many of whom had fled the war in Kosovo, could be forcibly evicted from their homes in Belgrade, Serbia. The eviction has been set for the 7th of March. Take action now

February 21, 2012 - A series of reports published today by anti-racism monitors reveal Europe’s hardening attitudes towards Muslims, migrants and Roma communities.

London, December 07, 2011 - In a briefing published today, Amnesty International is calling on the Serbian government to introduce a law prohibiting forced evictions.

London, November 25, 2011 - The situation of a Roma family forcibly evicted from their Belgrade home and made homeless this week again highlights the need for the Serbian government to stop forced evictions and introduce legislation prohibiting them, Amnesty International said today.

London, November 09, 2011 - Twenty seven Roma families in Serbia's capital Belgrade face imminent forced eviction from their homes to make way for new commercial housing built by a government owned company, Amnesty International said today.

London, October 25, 2011 - Two human rights defenders were today arrested for trying to stop the forced eviction of a Roma family in Belgrade.
The activists from the Regional Centre for Minorities were arrested for obstruction of justice after they peacefully attempted to prevent police evicting Mevljude Kurteshi and her six children from their apartment.