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Belgrade, Sept 22, 2009
During yesterday's regular visit to the settlement in Makis, where some Roma resettled from Gazela have been placed, representatives of the Regional Centre for Minorities accompanied by a journalist from a Swedish radio, were informed in a telephone conversation, that City Secretary for Social Protection, Mr. Djukic, has prohibited any pictures being taken of the settlement and that there is to be no interviewing of inhabitants without prior permission granted by the Secretariat. In response RCM requested today this prohibition in written form.

Following the numerous complaints received by the Regional Centre for Minorities in Belgrade, representatives of the centre accompanied by Ivana Bogojev, a journalist from Borba, visited several loca

Regional centre for minorities joined INACH. RCM will be a national contact organization and will be responsible of running complaints mechanism for hateful content on websites hosted in Serbia and/or in Serbian language. In addition, RCM will also actively monitor and participate in the removal of the reported discriminatory content.

We strongly condemn the construction of a wire fence that began on June 16, 2009 thereby enclosing a Roma settlement in Block 67 in Novi Beograd. Erecting a fence around this settlement, which is located in the immediate vicinity to areas used by the Universiade, threatens the right of its residents to move about freely and to use the only water source which is located outside of the settlement.


As a result of the project “Support to the implementation of anti-discrimination legislation and mediation in Serbia”, which is implemented by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia and the United Nations Development Programme, funded by the European Union, the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination is available in English, Roma, Hungarian, Albanian, Bulgarian, Romanian and Slovak language.